Made a remix a few weeks ago of The guise to black cats , a song of theirs called "Hands up silver spacesuit", it can be downloaded by navigating to the remix section, or simply grabbing it here.


TARMTOTT, ep out on CONTROL VALVE, amazing netlabel run by Roger "Chefkirk" Smith! Loopy grooviness of the tad noisy kind.


First update of the year! Found a remix Torstein Wjiik made of the Fugledrone track from E.T. drone hime on my hard drive while going through stuff, added it in the remix section here, you can also download directly from this link.


Woah, 10 months without any news? FAIL. A lot of stuff have happened though, among other things Swamps Up Nostrils first european tour, wich was great!! Swamps Up Nostrils roamed europe for a few days with Audun Eriksen, Torstein Wjiik and periodically Animal Machine. In Oslo I played with the S.U.N.C.D. Project, Electronique Norwegique and Lydhode wich was also highly enjoyable! Thanks to everyone helping out to get us places to sleep, play, eat, etc. Without your assistance there is no way this would have happened! As for new music, this year have seen the release of these albums from S.U.N.; Berith CDR (on bonestructure), E.T. drone home net-release and Monstro(split CDR with Mystified) on Krakilsk, Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol CDR on R.O.N.F. records, Flatul Prophesia net-release on B&R as well as the ominous "Complete idiot's guide to Swamps Up Nostrils & Helmeticrononaut" double mp3 DVD also on Krakilsk. Last, but not least, a new signel destined for a compilation on R.O.N.F. records called "Herr Probe undersøker en klode" is available for download in the singles section. Documentation from the tour will probably come in various forms after a little while...


Vidoe from the gig at Knaus last month can be downloaded here!

Swamps Up Nostrils this week played two gigs, thursday the 14th played with Miksmaster Luguber at the "Siv Jensen Festival" at Knaus(Studentersamfundet in Trondheim), where we did a live soundtrack to the Norwegian silent movie "Bergenstoget ranet i natt" from 1928. On the 16th S.U.N. played through stream at the Noplacard festival in Paris, wich is a hybrid between the Placard headphones festival and the ((Nomusic)) festival , the concept being that one band/artist play from Paris with another band/artist streaming from somewhere else. The concerts can be listened to at teh venue in paris with headphones, or through webstream. Later the gigs from the Noplacard festival will be put out on radiowne.


Swamps Up nostrils will play live @ Knaus, Studentersamfundet in Trondheim, this friday the 18. January. A new S.U.N. album called Digitana was released in December on Keep It Frozen, CDr, limited to 10 copies.


Swamps Up Nostrils new album, Weird fiction, is today released on the netlabel La Familia.


The SUNCD project, a collaboration between Swamps Up Nostrils and Cadmium Dunkel, is released a little while ago on Krakilsk.Coming soon is a new rather rythmic album from Swamps Up Nostrils, called Weird Friction, on the la familia netlabel. Oh yeah, I am also on MYSPACE now (haha).


Another somewhat delayed update. New S.U.N. releases going on; Torstein Wjiik/Swamps Up Nostrils - Øresus & dus (split), co-release with krakilsk and ambolthue, Swamps Up Nostrils/AATMAA/Animal Machine - Destroy all artifacts (collab) and Pyogenic/Swamps Up Nostrils - Chasers/Screamers (split), both out on Krakilsk. A track called "Choir Noir" is also featured on a compilation net release; "Music for elevators vol.3" from Mahorka Cult.

A few gigs played since last update, A short set on a private party in februar, also a short unanounced gig on Klubb Kanin @ 9 Muser in Trondheim, other appearances by HOH, Minn Minn Lights Duo, Morfar+Bird Flu You. Played with Yazatas @ 9 muser in Trondheim friday the 13th in April(with Romvæsn as VJ), also performed as Arnfinn Killingtveit on Klubb Kanin:Kringlyd the 21. april, on the biggest surround concert setup to date in Trondheim, along sides great people like Frank Ekeberg, Jon Eriksen, and Eirik Arthur Blekesaune. Next up is Klubb Kanin: Nattrock, on ISAK, the 30th of April. Magnus(who have been playing with S.U.N. live some the last months) will play as Shitstorm. Arnfinn will be appearing with Pyogenic (as a guest), will also be performing (aka Finn Krisp) as Psycheout Nachspiel Noise(with Groteske Bill), and will do some DJ'ing of sorts as Arve Eksperimentellefsen, where music from the Krakilsk catalogue will be prominent.


Stuff has happened, but page have not been updated cause i've been a bit slow; Played at a klubb kanin in January with Jørn Egseth(who also plays in Build Nest Sleep and Internettet), under the name Killingtveit + Egseth, got 2 new collabs released with Resin under the name Origami Statika, one a split with Mystified on Krakilsk, and one on DIM records. Also a S.U.N. excerpt from the Klubb Kanin the 22/11/06 is on a double album from the KK evenings in november, also out on Krakilsk.


Swamps Up Nostrils will be playing a short live set at Klubb Kanin 22/11/06.

Also; Quirk EP out on B&R records, free downloads!


Documentation from the klubb kanin 5. october; one short vid of the Helmeticrononaut set and one of the S.U.N.-baby holocaust set.


On teh 24. of October, Swamps up Nostrils will be playing live at 9 muser with Romvæsn (vj). Start; 21.00 , entrance; 50,- NOK.


2 gigs coming up; S.U.N.-Baby Holocaust (where we will circuitbend baby dolls dressed as surgeons) and Helmeticrononaut, live thursday 5th of October on Klubb Kanin @ Cofee Annan, Trondheim.


New CDr split out on Krakilsk, Swamps Up Nostrils / Guignol Dangereux - Shitbreather.


Swamps Up Nostrils will be doing 2 collaborative short sets at FUSK tonight, Avant Garden in Trondheim, one using 3 circuitbent toys, and the other using my old MC-303.


Swamps Up Nostrils will be playing live the 9th of September at the numusic festival in Stavanger, as a part of a netlabel showcase for Tibprod, the other artists representing it will be Bjerga/Iversen and Staplefahrer.


Coming soon; CDr split with Guignol Dangereux. Also remember to check the podcasts from the Infinite Sector. Some new Swamps Up Nostrils tracks out there + new podcast coming soon too with more S.U.N. tracks + a collab with Resin...


S.u.n. - teh nerfed ep was released about a month ago on la familia. A new single called "Selection of chaos out of order revisited with stomach cramps" is available(will be found on the second infinite sector podcast; new world chaos, coming in february.


New label; KRAKILSK

Other news, Reconstruct 3, a double album of remixes of S.U.N. will soon be out on tibprod and Krakilsk (co-release)

Latest collabs; Leaving earth out on Krakilsk and Samsa records (co-release), Origami Malebariska out on Krakilsk, KRUFT! out on Krakilsk and soon on infinite sector (co-release), and The SUNCD project featured on the 4th cat-zen jammer from tibprod.

Also played live a couple of times on Klubb Kanin the last couple of months.


Added a remix of Sevensy's track a series of related dreams for mahorca cult. The remix is called "where thoughts seek refuge" and can be found in the remix section.


Added a little remix I did of Nine Inch Nails, just played with a sample pack they put out of their track "only". Listen here.


Another contribution to the the Audilisk, this time Resin vs S.U.N. Download from here.

A video added from my the Swamps Up Nostrils live gig at Klubb Kanin, link here.




Swamps Up Nostrils will play live at Klubb Kanin(held at UFFA) , 2.July, Trondheim, Norway

Added one new remix called "Friendly conveyors" , this one is put togheter from remix packs of Mystified's be friends and Lysdexic's conveyor)


Added 2 new remixes I made; one remix of Cory Thrall's track bogart from his new release Black Tape and one remix of The RMG.Project - komputormusik. Also today I added a new t3h ØmfglØlrØflstfuplzr5 track.


A couple of days ago Fabulat released a new Swamps Up Nostrils EP called 30.13. Added a new remix i made from a file I got from AdDM.

Added a contribution to the Audilisk, a sound installation that will be at the Burning Man festival 2005. This piece is a collab between S.U.N. and Eldad Tsabary, where Eldad got the sounds on the left channel, and S.U.N. sounds on the right channel. Check it out here.


Added a remix I made by using some beats Vlad made available, and a track from a CD that seetyca made available for remixing. The remix is called "The afternoon was shifting" and can be found here in the remix section.


I have failed horribly at updating the page these last months. One reason being I busted my tymphonic membrane in a diving accident(BAH!). The latest news is the Reconstruct 3 project over at tibprod, where remixers can download and remix some S.U.N. stuff(an ep called Preconstruct 3, containing new tracks + 2 remix packs). Also, I uploaded a new single today, as a submission to a tibprod compilation. Can be downed in the singles section. Coming soon is a new S.U.N. EP called 30.13 from fabulat.


Malebarisk, wich is the name on a new collaboration betwen Swamps Up Nostrils and Seetyca, have made an album entitled "the alchemy of sicness". This new album is now pre-released for a limited time as mp3's(it will be taken down in 1 month from today). It will also be made available after about a month or so as a CDr with a special cover.


Added a new remix made by Seetyca, of the S.U.N. track nmmh.


A new single for fabulat; nmmh.


The Synchronoizer Experiment got a temporary page with a nice download package here.


The new Swamps Up Nostrils album "Mass Delusion" is out now on tibprod, for sale at the humble price of 5 euros.


In response to the tsunami hitting asia, the page artistssupportasia was set up by Stefan Koopmanschap, a dutch electronic musician. The idea is to produce some CDr's and try to sell them to get some money to help the victims of the tragedy. I have created a piece for this, called "one week after", found here, or use the menu and press Music->Singles.


Go here for something great!


Added a single(made for Fabulat), it's really a S.U.N. rework of some helmeticron recordings, + i recorded some accordeon for it.


Added a new remix.


A big thanks to TEKS (Trondheim elektroniske kunstsenter)for lending webspace! Webpage up again after some downtime. Uploaded an album from earlier this year previously released through samsa records; monotaur ep (<-click to access).


Misadventric Processing ep by Swamps Up Nostrils out on la familia


After a while of downtime the page is back up, even got a better webdeal than I had before, hehe...


Older S.U.N. album "mangled unbelief" released through bedroom brain records.


Snail vs Helmeticrononaut(with Simen on didjeridoo) played live on Klubb Kanin:Sommer at UFFA on 03/07/04. Go here to hear what it sounded like.....

New single for a compiliation called tabla-ture. For now you can check the other comtributions here.

... Some weeks ago me and antithei made a couple of noise-trax for the "Destroy your commander" compilation soon to come from infinite sector. Made a little page for our project called Infernal Divine Solarium.


Fungal Grevling is spotted.....


Added a single(contribution to traditional robot music volume 2 from the infinite sector project).


Added 2 remixes here.


New helmeticron release "Dish harmony" on tibprod.


A collaboration between myself(s.u.n.), seetyca and mystified, all from the infinite sector collective, have just been made available as mp3's here. It is a full length album called "Soljaris - seas of endless" and is inspired by Andreij Tarkovskij's movie Solaris from 1972.


Added 2 remix/collab pieces by me and Luguber(aka Reptile Instinct aka socaviking) Found here. Upcoming stuff; currently working on a collab with Seetyca and Mystified inspired by the movie Solaris from 1972(the russian one, not the new crappy one with george goony). Also begun work on a project involving myself and KlaoDNA.


New s.u.n. ep out on samsa records called monotaur ep.


After about a week of downtime, site is up again. Presenting my first try on video editing here:


1 new remix by S.U.N. and 1 mix from Snail added.


Helmeticronicles1 by Helmeticrononaut out on samsa records!


3 new tracks by SUN and Snail added(pre and remixes).


New page in the "Collab" section; Snail vs S.U.N.(aka helmeticrononaut), here be found some new music; 2 helmeticronicles1 remixes by snail and a premix made by S.U.N of some files supplied by Snail.


New helmeticron page up; new mp3 album "Helmeticronicles part1" with pure chaotic noise made by Helmeticrononaut(aka s.u.n.).


2 new remixes here.


Some new remixes by S.U.N.(latest of apt213 (now aka e yard) and Cadmium Dunkel, and some remixes of S.U.N.(latest by Snail and Luguber) found by clicking your way through the menu or the respective links in this sentence.

13 / 01 / 04

Mp3 mini album "Digital Spine Flush 1" released on tibprod (also found here).

New webpage is completely up.

Synkopat page is up.