Remixes by S.U.N.

S.U.N. - Hands down old space traveller(remix of The guise to black cats - Hands up silver spacesuit)

S.U.N. - where thoughts seek refuge(remix of sevensy's a series of related dreams)

S.U.N. - Nine Inch Poop(remix of NIN's Only)

S.U.N. - Friendly Conveyors(remix of Mystified's be friends + Lysdexic's conveyor)

S.U.N. - Gobart(remix of Cory Thrall's bogart)

S.U.N. - Flawed Reality Selection(remix of The RMG.Project's komputermusik)

S.U.N. - Triggersloppy(remix of AdDM's triggerhappy)

S.U.N. - The afternoon was shifting(remix of vlad's beats and seetyca's 06 srns d ln)


Remix of Rafael Flores(aka comando bruno), based on a sample pack made available through the tapegerm collective.

S.U.N. - Stringed up cat mellowing down(remix of Woeful Pleasures Largo for strykere & katt)

S.U.N - discontinous feline impulses(remix of Woeful Pleasures Largo for strykere og katt)

2 Remixes of Woeful pleasures Largo for strykere og katt(Largo for strings & cat).

S.U.N. - Switch on your sleeping genes(remix of reconstruct2 files by Cadmium Dunkle)

Another submission to the "reconstruct2" remix project at tibprod. Rythmic noise stuff.

SUN - psycho-kinetic escape(remix of 1b's secreto)

SUN - caged animal(remix of 1b's secreto)

2 remixes of unaburbuja's song "secreto". One rather noisy and one not quite so noisy and with some beats! 1b is also a member of the infinite sector collective.

S.U.N. - Interspieces Stimuli(remix of Cadmium Dunkel, reconstruct2)

A submission to the "reconstruct2" remix project at tibprod. Sort of rythmic noise thing again, this time it was made from some tracks by Cadmium Dunkel(also found here.)


S.U.N. - 33th degree and still dumb(remix of disco days are over by apt213)

Rythmic noise remix of the apt213 (now aka e yard)album "Disco days are over". This track is a contribution to a remix-album of "Disco days are over" released on Samsa records.


Swamps Up Nostrils - Chronophobic(remix of Mystified's Blue)

Beatie mix of a song called "blue" by Mystified(also formerly known as autocad). Mystified is also a member of The Infinite Sector Project. This song will be futured on a CD dedicated to remixes of this track.

Swamps Up Nostrils - Elemental madness(remix of FullOn's Mental Feng Shui)

A kind of illbient mix I threw togheter of FullOn's Mental Feng Shui. FullOn is also a member of The Infinite Sector Project. Apparently this track will also be present on a CD-release dedicated to the remixes made of the track..

Swamps Up Nostrils - BJL becomes ambientropy

Remix based on Boron Jive Leper's sample pack from his "Translated" album. BJL is also a member of The Infinite Sector Project. This song will probably be found on an album dedicated to remixes made from "Translated" by various people, in the near future.

Swamps Up Nostrils - Fragmentorium(remix of socaviking's) "Vårbekken")

Remix of "Vårbekken". I don't have any link to socaviking jet but will post them if I get any. His emailadress is however Listen to the original song by clicking here: Socaviking - Vårbekken

Swamps Up Nostrils - Angry Animals Anonymous(remix of Karyon's Winterdeath)

As the title suggests, a remix of Karyon's "Winterdeath", made for the compiliation CD "Bio-Logic" released through Infinite Sector .   Check;  Karyon's homepage for stuff.

Swamps Up Nostrils - Constructor Erred(remix of Reconstruct by Jan M. Iversen)

Remix made for a CD release at  Visit their page for more great music(also featuring S.U.N).

Swamps Up Nostrils' Trauma based mix of Pax's sample pack

Remix of a song by Pax(wich I don't actually know the name of), featured on the Infinite Sector CD release "Remixes and collaborations vol.3" (link leads to soundclick, where you can stream or download the whole album.  To buy it, simply click "catalog" on the isector page.)  Pax's homepage.

Swamps Up Nostrils - deadscsi2

A little soundclip made from the sound of a harddisk dying, after being processed by various people at this page right here;  DEAD SCSI2