The Helmeticron Homepage

The Amazing Helmeticron Welcome to the humble helmeticron homepage. This page is made simply to spread the ideas of the great helmeticron, it's versile applications and generally everything that is good about this great contraption. So far, only a prototype has been constructed. This prototype(so far) are made of the following things:

All microphones(including headsets used as such) are plugged into a Behringer Eurorack MX802A 8 track Mixer(as inputs). The sony headset is plugged into the "phones" socket of the mixer, to get that marvelous feedback magic going. Various equalizers, panning(on the mixer) and such is real-time tweaked to get different sounds. Since I am in the experimental phase still, I presume there are a lot of other factors that can be taken in account to create various sounds, I guess I will find out these things as the voyage continues. Also a more "solid" version of the Helmeticron is developing somewhere in my subconsious(sometimes eddying into my "normal" consiousness to confer), hopefully one held together by something else than dutch tape. Time will show if this ever will happen. Anyway, below you might find some linkage to both pictures and examples of how the Helmeticron might sound like. The first samples are still available, and the new "the Helmeticronicles 1" are now ready to harass some ears.


NEW!!! -> The Helmeticronicles 1

"Pure" helmeticon sample, about 1:30 long
Helmeticron vs YamahaRM1x


Me infront of my shit with my helmeticron on my head
The Helmeticron, right side
My head inside the Helmeticron(front)
Me inside Helmeticron, mixer in background
Inside of Helmeticron, from below
For anything at all: