"t3h ØmfglØlrØflstfuplzr5 are a notorious duo that brought an eclectic mix of vintage traditional dance genres, such as the rhumba, charleston, gipsy-swing and foxtrot, and popular music genres, such as lounge, hiphop, industrial, break n bass, and nacrolectro throughout the seventies and eighties. Their style is uncomparible but has influenced countless modern musicians. This flamboyant duo called it quits in 1992, feeling their style was becoming too futuristic for their own comprehension. 12 years later they make a remarkebly strong comeback with "D00d wh3r35 my gr00v3", the first single of their fortcoming album. Their passion for excellence and intelligence are still clearly present in their new single. The smooth electrobeat in the intro suddenly seems to implode into epic proportions. The sheer amount of productionwork in this piece of art makes it impossible to deny: t3h ØmfglØlrØflstfuplzr5 are back with a vengeance, and this time it might hurt bad!"

- Rolling stone

""A faboulous return of one of the most innovative underground-pioneers in music ever"

- Mix magazine

"Amazing, an experimental tour de force of dance"

- ME magazine

"...like the walls of jericho cumming all over you...."

- Conservative Christian Chronicle

"..............bedre enn Sven O......"

- Se og Hør